What's Your Problem?

Whether it's pesky pests, crazy wildlife, or you just need a good preventative plan to keep the pests and wildlife out - we have you covered. Here at the Urban Herpetologist, we take care of any animal issues because we care about our customer's safety and peace of mind - but we also care about the animals themselves. We will always make sure we dispose of your problem in the most humane way possible. 

See below for our most common treatment services:

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Squirrels and Rodents

Although they are cute, no one necessarily wants rodents and squirrels in and on their property. They can be very damaging to the inside of your walls, and of course they leave behind those abundant droppings in their path of destruction. At Urban Herpetologist, we use live traps to remove and dispose of them in a humane way. Call today if you have any kind of wildlife that you need us to handle. For a full list, click below.

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Ants and Cockroaches

We spend a lot of time dealing with ants and cockroaches because they have strength in numbers and they don't like to go down easy. It usually takes a couple of treatments to get this little pests to go away for good, but there is a lot of education we can provide to you to help you keep them out moving forward. We offer many other pest services, so click below if ants and cockroaches aren't your problem.

What Our Customers are Saying

Todd is very knowledgeable and flexible in schedule . He is very much committed to work and believes in perfection based on how he fixed the issue.
— Alex P.
Todd is outstanding at what he does. He is thorough and conscientious, and provides great value for the price. He is also a really nice man. I enthusiastically recommend him.
— Ann I.
Came out next day (on a weekend.) Good price and did a follow up to see if situation had been resolved. Good guy. Highly recommend.
— Laura W.
Vic G.
2d ago

Very pleased. Provided a quote and the total was less than estimated. Would recommend very highly.

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