Why call the Urban Herpetologist?

Our #1 concern is our customer's safety and security in their own homes. If you have ever been face to face with a snake or other scary critter, then you know that feeling of uncertainty and fear that comes over you. THAT feeling - right there -  is the reason we do what we do. There are people put in this world that enjoy handling those situations (like us) so that people who don't can sit back and relax. Our wish is that you find us trustworthy and understand that you are our top priority at all times. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our neighbors in the Richmond, VA area and surrounding counties, and we hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy providing them. 


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We will always provide great pricing for our pest control and wildlife removal services, and we also do repairs and preventative work so you can move on from your animal encounter with a worry-free mindset. 

We accept Cash, Checks, and Venmo as payment methods. If you have a different preference, we will do our best to accomodate.