Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that people ask me the most when I come out to their property, so just check here first and see if we can save you a phone call!

1. How much do you charge?

This is tough to answer as each pest is different. Mice would be the cheap end, and raccoons in a house would be significantly more. A beaver in your pond, or foxes in your hen house - very different scenarios. Same situation with wasps verses ants; However, sealing up the house is a separate charge from the capturing of animals themselves. All in all, each job requires different tools and planning, so I just need to know the scope of the job before I can put a price on it. 

2. Is there a warranty/guarantee?

Yes - only on the work we perform. If a new squirrel chews a new hole on the other side of the house unrelated to our work, then a new work order needs to be performed.

3. Can you guarantee to catch the animal?

No! They are wild animals, living in the wild! They may leave because we are interfering with their daily cycle, they may succumb to predator, or hit by a car, or little Johnny down the street shot them with his BB gun, and not come back around. What we WILL guarantee is fixing the issue. We will come and make sure there are no more sounds in your walls, and no more holes in your home.

4. How long does the process take?

Usually just a night of trapping and a day of sealing up the house. Again, depending on the species and the size and age of the house. For instants - to seal a house to prevent a bat from getting in you must seal any hole you can fit your pinky in, so in short it just depends on the issue. 

5. Do you clean and dispose of any dead animals and waste?

Yes, we will come in and clean, sanitize and dispose of any dead animals and nesting materials. We, personally, do not use poison to kill the animals, but sometimes the animals die in attics or crawl spaces. Sometimes home owners try to handle the animal problem themselves and put poison out, and the animal may die in the house. This can cause problems and require sheet rock removal which can get expensive - so call us first.

6. Do you do free inspections?

Yes - on wildlife; The home owner might say they have mice, but upon further inspection they really have flying squirrels in their walls. However, with the general pest control we do not do free inspections. We have found that the best inspector for the insects is the homeowner. If you see ants, you have ants, if you see cockroaches, you have cockroaches. Termites are different (see question 7).

7. Do you do Termite Inspections?

We are certified for termites, but with our small office we cannot afford to do free inspections. What we do is if you get a general pest control job from us we inspect your home while performing the general service, then informing you after the service if we found any signs of termites, essentially giving a free termite inspection during a paid pest control service.


if you have any other questions, feel free to call or text us at 804-937-5214.